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Trying to navigate through the daily challenges of life can be difficult. Attempting to do it alone can be tough as hell, which is what inspired me to create this blog. Its purpose is to encourage, inspire and empower you to keep your head up and continue to move forward in your quest for authenticity, happiness and truth.


  • I contacted Pam at a very difficult time in my life when I was severely stressed and burned out at work. I was unable to think clearly.  My weekly sessions with Pam helped me to organize my thoughts, re-evaluate my priorities and decide whether I was willing to make the sacrifices needed to

    achieve my career goals.  Pam’s powerful questions, encouragement and support was the catalyst for my career transformation. Now, I am living on purpose and fulfilling my life long calling as a minister and Youth Pastor. I highly recommend Pam’s services to any woman that wants to fulfill their dreams and needs guidance and direction.

    Pastor C. Sheard
  • Many a person can offer an encouraging word, but when real, goal-oriented motivation and organization are needed, it takes the right person to help those struggling with their vision to see it through successfully.  Pam is just that person, and has been so for many years in my life.  Before I became a breast cancer surgeon and director of a nationally accredited program, I was a young woman with a difficult past who needed a mentor to help me reach for the destiny that was truly mine.  I found in Pam a wealth of organizational methodology based upon her real life successes, packaged with focused and intense strategic planning sessions to chart a course to success, with just as much emphasis upon personal health and mental wellness.  She is the real deal, and I still use much of what she has given me in my interactions with my patients!

    Dr. M. Gary
  • Pam, Thank you for listening to me and for helping me to see myself as God sees me. As well as

    for inspiring me to accept myself and for helping me to see the unique beauty in my imperfections.

    I appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity for taking the time to help me as my life coach.

    So grateful,

  • My trainer! It may not have seemed like a big deal to her, but it was to me.  One day I decided that it was time to make some healthy lifestyle changes.  I contacted Pam and asked her to work with me as my personal fitness trainer.  During our 12 months together as client and coach, I gained a wealth of information about exercise, nutrition and mental strength.  Pam has made such a difference in how I manage my physical health!  I would highly recommend Pam to anyone striving for positive change.

    Dr. Y. Smith

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